• Perform inspection to assess property and random inspections to monitor property
  • Secure windows, doors and openings
  • Re-Key locks to avoid re-entry
  • Make necessary repairs to restore property or prevent further damage
  • Cover pool to reduce liability
  • Provide lawn care and ground maintenance​
  • Winterize property to prevent damage

Property Management

Key 2 Know Property Management is a professional Property Preservation and Maintenance company 

  • ​Reduces chances of squatters from occupying vacant properties
  • Provides a point of contact for neighbors, law enforcement, and code officials to address concerns quickly
  • Reduces vandalism & theft
  • Prevents lawsuits from negligent properties​
  • Avoid code violations & penalties

Full Property Preservation

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Our Mission is Simple:


Our services include: Inspections, photographing, documenting damages, trash removal, board ups, clean-out/clean-up, changing locks, tarps, pool covers, winterization, and landscape/ground maintenance.